History & Mission

MIXED was cofounded in the Spring of 2013 by Tori Marquez and Kalina Silverman. They met their Freshman year of college at Northwestern University and the two immediately bonded over their biracial identities. After a few months on campus, Tori and Kalina met many students who also identified as mixed race. A thought entered their minds… Other college campuses have clubs for mixed race students, why doesn’t Northwestern? We should start one… And they did! On a busy weekday night of Spring Quarter 2013, Tori and Kalina met for the first time as potential co-founders and discussed the possibility of starting an organization. After much student outreach, investigative research and meetings with advisors, the Mixed Race Student Coalition (MIXED) became officially recognized by Northwestern’s Multicultural Student Affairs in July 2013. MIXED is proud of its accomplishments as a young organization, and is looking forward to celebrating another exciting year with new and old members.


MIXED aims to provide a space for those who identify as biracial/multiracial or have an interest in mixed race affairs through social and academic events, discussion, and community support.